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PhD and MBE

My PhD was a wonderful journey of discovery for me, over almost five years, giving me real freedom to analyse and develop solutions for a really exciting topic, robot locomotion with legs. This involved modelling of mechanical and electrical components, control design, robot design and implemetnation, electronics for the robot control, measurements, electric drives and power supplies, software development and a real-time Linux operating system to keep it all together. :)

During this time I followed what appeared to me to be a logical process for the analysis, control and development of a robot prototype. What I didn't discover till later in my professional life is that during my PhD I closely followed what is now described as a Model-Based Engineering (MBE) process.

I first started working in the area of robot control for my undergraduate thesis and continued in this topic during my PhD. I defended my PhD thesis in May 2009. I performed my research at the National Technical University of Athens, in the Mechanical Engineering Department and specifically in the Control Systems Lab of Prof. Evangelos Papadopoulos. My research was supported by the research program PENED 2003, of the Greek General Secretariat for Research and Technology.

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