Volvo 240

PhD and MBE

These are a few pages on my Volvo 240, mainly on maintenance work performed. The particular car I work on is a 240 GL, 1990 model, bought in the UK. It is a 4-door sedan, and has the B200E engine (fuel injection, high compression).
This is what it looks like - and no, it's not always this clean, this was one of its better moments!

Although only from 1990, the design looks older, and indeed hasn't changed much since the introduction of the model in the 70's.
A bit of technical info:
-Engine size: 1986cc
-Max power (HP): 117 at 6000 RPM
-Max torque (lb.ft): 117 at 3000 RPM
-Compression ratio: 10
-Fuel injection: Bosch K-Jetronic

Some pages on various repairs/maintenance are available in the menu on the left, or here.