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In this part of the site I give a few techical details, model names, etc. of the hardware - and the film - I use. Please select the category of your interest.


At the moment I have two SLR cameras, one a manual focus model, while the other has automatic focus. The first is the Minolta X-370s, and the other the Minolta 505si super.

Minolta X-370s
My first new camera and in my opinion a great machine for the simple SLR it is. Some of my best photos have been achieved using it. It has manual focus, and a manual or aperture priority exposure.

Minolta Dynax 505si super
This camera is a fairly recent addition to the armoury. It's a much more advanced model than the above, with automatic focusing, multiple exposure mode, shutter speeds up to 1/4000sec, dedicated flash system and a good bit more. I do not think I have yet explored the full potential of this camera, and it will probably take some time to do so.

Minolta Reflex 500mm (for the Dynax)
This lens is a mirror telephoto. Using it is like a different hobby altogether! It selects such a small angle, that you look at things from a completely new viewpoint. Quite often, I use this lens on manual focus.

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Flash Units

Minolta AUTO 220X (for the X-370s)
The flash I use with my manual camera is a Minolta AUTO 220X. This flash is automatic and non-dedicated, as the camera does not support a dedicated flash system.You can see this flash below.

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Minolta Program Flash 3600xi (for the Dynax)
This flash unit is quite powerful (G.N. 36), and is dedicated to the Dynax. It uses TTL metering to achieve correct illumination of the subject. I think the best thing about it is that you can use it off-camera without any connecting leads.

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For black and white photography I use roll film, since I develop it myself. Most of the time I use Ilford FP4 Plus at it's ASA speed of 125. This film gives brilliant pictures, very clear. However, a film I find more interesting is the Ilford HP5 Plus which I don't use at it's ASA 400 speed, but instead push two stops to EI 1600. I think the results are very attractive. The grain is visble, but small, while contrast is definetly increased.

I'm still trying to find a good colour film that doesn't cost too much. I don't really use slide film. I find Kodak ProFoto ASA 100 quite good, and very well priced! Lately I've been trying out Fuji Superia 400. Obviously it was a lot faster than the ProFoto, but not such good results - probably due to the extra speed.

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